Are you ready to

up level your

design business?

Whether you're a new designer, or you've been at it for a while... I totally know what it's like to not feel 'at home' within your business.

Here is what I can help you with

Increase your prices without feeling like "no-one would pay that".

Feeling supported in your business by joining a community of other designers & potential business besties.

Helping you to niche down and start specialising in one area so you can become "the expert" in that field.

Create a successful abundant freelancing business that is filled with intention & authenticity.

Time & project management so that you're not working crazy hours & burning out. 

Figure out your ideal client and actually land work with them every time.

Well, hello gorgeous

I'm George

Brand Designer & Mentor.


I help freelancers create an aligned, abundant, strategic graphic design business.

My style is very much strategy meets spirituality. There is a little bit of woo, that is backed up completely with aligned action & processes.


Ready to feel at home with in your business?

Ready to take control?

Ready to call in your ideal clients?


8 week group course

Strategy meets mindset to create an 8 week course that will help you to align your graphic design business in all areas. 

This course will bring you home within your business.

• No more under-valuing your services.

• No more unappreciative clients.

• No more hustling all day and all night to meet tight deadlines.


You will have the tools to be in full control and the confidence to create a graphic design business that is truly aligned in all areas. 

kickstarter course

Transform your graphic design business is 5 days. This kickstarter course is a DIY condensed version of The Aligned Designer that will get you started and inspire lots of action for you to take to create a successful, abundant design biz. 

This course will bring you home within your business.

• Day 1 - Business Set Up 

• Day 2 - Brand Foundations

• Day 3 - Niche & Ideal Client

• Day 4 - Pricing & Packaging

• Day 5 - Client Experience


The Aligned Designer Community

Freelancing can be lonely... which is why I created The Aligned Designer Community page on Facebook. Yes, it's free!

It's a safe place for graphic designer to come together, collaborate, ask for feedback on work or advice about tricky clients. There is free training & masterclasses and the potential to meet your business bestie.

get in touch.

Please get in touch if you'd like to chat about any graphic design services.

E: hello@gemudesigns.com

T: 0403 219 740

Victoria, Australia

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